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To make sure our True Language and Culture survive for future generations.

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Maeaka Tohana Culture and Socio-Economic Development Association Inc.. was formed to address cultural and socio-economic issues affecting Kairuku people in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea. Mentor and Co-founder, Paru Kama Ikupu, gives a short introduction to the Association at this link: Paru Kama Ikupu

The Maeaka Tohana Language Project addresses the first goal of the Maeaka Tohana Association - to preserve our cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge.

Maeaka Tohana Culture and Socio-Economic Development Association Inc.was launched on 30 November 2016 in the traditional manner. The videos give some idea of the atmosphere on the day. It was quite windy and though this comes through on the recordings, it has been said that the wind was appropriate because it will take the news of the Association to all the Kairuku communities, so don't worry about it.

Aunty Ama Pinu Apa'uana decided to contribute a traditional song to the occasion. It took everyone by surprise and was greatly appreciated.

Presentation of the Certificate of Incorporation. The certificate was ceremonially presented according to custom. Thank you Francis Ikupu Aeava for the camera work.